It is Christmas and we are all wrapping gifts.  It’s the perfect time to share my absolute favourite storage solution for wrapping paper.  I think you will love it too.

In the past, I’ve never had a proper storage solution for wrapping paper.  Under a bed behind something else or in the back of a cupboard somewhere between the coats and Narnia.  

As a result my wrapping paper always got scrunched up or creased.  It did not look nice at all by the time I needed it.  Also, you can’t exactly wrap sophisticated Jill’s 40th birthday present in Jack’s 4th birthday Peter Rabbit themed wrapping paper.  So I ended up buying a lot of gift wrap.  

Then there are the scissors, I could never find the scissors.  Now, in my house, wrapping a present is most often something that has to happen quite quickly.  The combination of not finding the scissors and discovering that the ‘new-but-scruffy’ wrapping paper is the wrong design when you are already running late for the party – well, it is a pain!

So, if you can relate to any of the above, you are in for a treat.  I have a solution for all those pain points.


Problem #1 – ‘New-but-scruffy’ wrapping paper

If you store wrapping paper properly, it will stay tidy and neat.  There are many storage solutions for wrapping paper and I have tried a fair share of them.  

From Ikea plastic bag holders stuck behind our office door (which worked really well, but looked like a monstrosity and wasn’t the ideal backdrop for my husband’s zoom meetings) to a special gift wrap bag underneath a bed (which also worked well, but fishing the stuff out from underneath the bed in the loft bedroom was just not practical when you are already running late).  

Wrapping paper storageAnother option that always looked promising but I never tried, are those lovely sturdy looking long plastic boxes made for the sole purpose of storing rolls of gift wrap.  I never tried this as I don’t really have enough space for something so bulky, but I am sure they work a treat.

After trial and error, this is the gift wrap storage solution I love and recommend (none of the links are sponsored).  This is why I love this solution so much:

  • It takes up very little space (hanging on the wall behind the curtain in the playroom – you wouldn’t even know it is there)
  • It is easy to access (I can easily carry it to where I am doing my wrapping)
  • It offers a home to every item I need to do my wrapping (ribbon, tags, gift bags, tissue paper, cards, sticky tape and the SCISSORS)  

Which brings me to my next point.


Problem #2 – Can’t find the scissors

As a child, I remember how my mum drilled a hole through a pen and tied it with a string to a ceramic pot by the telephone (remember those??).  She was so fed-up with the pen constantly disappearing.  One day she discovered the pen and the pot missing!

Like pens by telephones in the 80’s, scissors in the kitchen drawer also have the tendency to disappear.  So keep a pair of scissors with your gift wrapping items.  In fact, keep everything you need to wrap a gift in there, including sticky tape.  I also like to keep birthday cards in there too.  

Wrapping paper storage

Problem #3 – Themed wrapping paper

Life is complicated as it is.  Why not simplify your wrapping paper?  I recently started to only use brown paper and white craft paper.  You can jazz it up with a fun ribbon, a fresh flower or some scribbles with a sharpie – be creative 🙂  

wrapping paper storageI personally love the natural look but also that it is versatile.  You can wrap any and every gift, from birthdays to Christmas.   

The driving force for me to make the switch was mainly because a lot of wrapping paper is non-recyclable due to its foil and glitter contents.  It pained me to throw all that paper in general waste, especially after the Christmas unwrapping frenzy.  

This might not be for everyone, so if you do decide to stick to conventional wrapping paper here is how you know if you can recycle it or not.  If you scrunch up the paper into a tight ball and it bounces back open, it is non-recyclable.  If it stays scrunched up, it is recyclable.

Another tip for you if you don’t want to go all natural with your gift wrap.  Keep Christmas themed wrapping paper separate.  Why not pack and store it away with all the other Christmas decorations.  There is no reason to trawl through all the Christmas paper throughout the whole year.

That’s a wrap my friends – I hope you found this helpful.


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Until next time!