Socks with Shoes!

Today’s tip is sweet and short – and if you don’t do this already, you should! It is so simple and obvious, helps to (again) get the kids out the door quicker (I sense a theme here) and yet we only started doing it recently. Now I’m wondering, ‘why haven’t we done this sooner’. You must be burning to know what it is right? Well, here you go….

Keep. Socks. With. Shoes.
That’s it!

No more running up stairs to get a pair of socks when you are already running late – it is awesome!

For us, we have the children’s shoes in a drawer under the stairs. We keep a small container in there for each child’s socks. Acrylic food storage containers were the perfect size and shape for the job.

For you it might be a pretty basket or even a drawstring bag on a hook on the wall or inside a cupboard door. Depending on your space and where you keep shoes, find a ‘kid accessible spot’ for the socks too and you will experience the magic unfold when leaving the house.