Laundry Folding

Are you the one folding laundry late at night whilst your lovely children are fast asleep?

Do you hear “mum, I have no socks in my drawer” and then direct them to the towering washed-yet-to-be-folded laundry basket to trawl through?
To be more organised at home, we have to involve the whole family and believe me, this is a game changer!

Get the kids to fold their own laundry. The outcome might surprise you!
We keep a colour coded basket for each child on our landing. I sort clean laundry directly into their baskets and it is for them to fold and pack away. It is one of their daily tasks to complete before any screen time is allowed. In the beginning I invested a few moments showing them how to fold the different items and they even came up with their own very ‘creative’ ways.

No, the boxes do not get emptied every day and no the clothes are not folded ‘kon mari’ style, but the kids are taking responsibility AND learning an excellent life skill along the way. They now know exactly where to find that pair of socks if it’s not in their drawer. From time to time I will still fold and pack their laundry away, which is now a big treat for them, instead of an expectation. Result!
To get more organised at home, let’s not allow perfectionism get in the way of involving the whole family. Our goal shouldn’t be to get things ‘perfect’ but instead to get things ‘better’.

Perfectionism paralyses, but ‘better’ creates momentum and is more fun anyways.

Why not give this a go in your home? Half term is a perfect opportunity to get those little hands folding. ​